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Bonus: The Fall Superhero Trail Challenge

Do you find life too slow? Are triple-espressos too weak? Do you wish you had more opportunities to wear tights in public? If you’re a superhero-in-the-making, try the Superhero Trail Challenge:

💥 What is it?

It’s the 10 Trail Challenge on steroids.

💥 How does it work?

You sign up for the 10 Trail Challenge like everyone else, but instead of taking 10 weeks to complete the Challenge, you complete a Superhero version of the Challenge.

➡️ Superhero Option 1: Do any 5 of the Challenge trails in one day.

➡️ Superhero Option 2: Do the entire 10 Trail Challenge in one week (10 of the trails over 7 consecutive calendar days). Complete Option 2, along with proof (eg Strava, Garmin, or other fitness tracker screenshots, etc) and we’ll send you a free superhero tshirt.

💥 Why would I do such a thing?

Well, if you have to ask then you’re likely just going to do the regular 10 Trail Challenge over 10 weeks like most people. And that’s totally cool. If you’re one of a handful of super-folks out there then the answer is obvious. Because you can.


  • This Bonus Challenge is a fun, optional add-on activity made only for the select few superheros, over-energetic spouses, or uber trail runners out there.
  • You DO NOT have to complete this Superhero Challenge to successfully complete the 10 Trail Challenge.
  • Check our Instagram or Facebook pages weekly during the Challenge to watch for updates in case a superhero does emerge from the corn fields.
  • Include the total cumulative elapsed time it took you to hike or run the trails (not including any driving or break time in between trails, just your time on the trails).
  • List the trails you completed and the order you completed them.
  • Follow these two steps to record your results:
    • Post your completed Challenge results in Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #tentrailchallenge #chillandthrill and #superherotraining (including photo evidence) and at least one super-selfie
    • Email us a quick note that you’ve completed the Challenge
  • Yes, there are prizes and social media fame awaiting you.
  • We define “one day” as daylight hours on one calendar day.
  • Trails must only be completed during approved hours (please respect park/trail “open” hours and do not hike in the dark).

DO NOT CLICK the “Mark as Done” button below unless you actually complete the Superhero Challenge. Most people will skip this activity (eg use your back button). This Superhero activity is optional and just for fun for the overly-caffeinated amongst us 🙂