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Matsqui Trail

Guide-Brent October 25, 2021

Overview: asdf

Distance and Time: asdf

Location: address and google map

Notes: Includes picnic area, out houses. Lots of parking. Stroller friendly.

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Matsqui Trail has two options – you can do the short Downstream Loop, the longer Upstream Loop, or if you’re up for more of a challenge, we recommend doing both.

OPTION 1: Downstream Trail Loop

  1. Park in gravel parking lot that’s almost right under the bridge.
  2. Facing the river, go left along gravel path between oarkinglit and river.
  3. Start your timer at rocks at edge of parking lot at trans canada trail post sign.
  4. If there’s a temporary detour sign that makes you go the left after a few minutes please follow it. That will take you up onto the dyke. Go left on the dyke and skip to instruction number 7 below.
  5. If there’s no detour as outlined in instruction number 4 above then stay straight on trail for 1.25 km (from the starting point).
  6. Then come to a junction and go left at the fork in the trail, slight uphill to start the loop back staying left. Head down gravel dyke.
  7. Turn left at the Mission Bridge signpost (by the two outhouses). Go downhill straight towards the river.
  8. Stop your timer where you started.

OPTION 2: Upstream Trail Loop

  1. While standing in the main gravel parking lot facing the river, walk to your right towards the bridge. Stay on the water’s edge of the parking lot.
  2. Start your timer directly under the bridge at dyke Crest gauge sign.
  3. Contine walking upstream and to the right (away from the parking lot). Go through the grass towards the wooden fence which will lead to a narrow gravel path.
  4. Follow this trail for a few steps and it’ll lead you onto the gravel dyke road for a minute and then follow the trail that goes downhill and under the train tracks. From this point forward you’re going to be making a loop by heading out on the trail that follows the river’s edge, and then coming back on the dyke trail.
  5. At the next junction go left/straight.
  6. At the next junction at the Matsqui Regional Park sign: continue straight.
  7. You’ll come to a “T” junction. Go right, uphill, following the Matsqui Trail arrow.
  8. A moment later you’ll come to another “T” junction on the dyke. Go right on the dyke to start the route back to the car. Make a note of all of the vehicles in the yard on your left.
  9. Stay straight on the dyke all the way back. When you get to the train tracks veer right to go under the tracks on the pedestrian underpass. Continue back to the starting point staying right on the trail near the water’s edge.
  10. Stop your timer where you started.